JAKi safety profile explained by Peter Taylor

The end of September Oxford professor Peter Taylor gave highly appreciated lectures at selected clinics in Sweden and Norway. The topic was a deep dive into the safety of JAK-inhibitors, and their place in the therapeutic toolbox. “From clinical trials to patient-centered clinical practice”.

In the lecture he started by giving a thorough walk through of the Oral Surveillance study: why it was conducted, how it was set up and what the results show. This study is fundamental in understanding the new guidelines regarding the safety of JAK-inhibitors, issued by the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) in the beginning of 2023. Professor Taylor then moved on to adding other important studies, as well as real world evidence from European countries. 

With the scientific foundation laid, he continued with hands on clinical guidance that everyone can put to use in their daily work with RA patients. He explained which risk factors are most relevant to consider and which patients that are a good fit for JAK-inhibitors. He also gave examples on how to talk to patients about risks vs benefits, and highlighted fast and effective pain management as an advantage when choosing JAK-inhibitors.   

You can now watch a replay of this lecture filled with hands on, patient centred clinical guidance you can start using today. 

Peter Taylor MA, PhD, FRCP is Norman Collisson Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences at Botnar Research Centre, NDORMS, University of Oxford, UK.